2020 Committee Chairs

Head Chair: ​     David & Lynne Holt


Treasurer:                            Dawn Henderson

Graphic Design:                  Patti Donscheski

Decorations:                        Jaime & Jeff Bizal

Entertainment:                     Stephanie Bashara

Foods:                                 Jeremy & Jenny Kolar


Volunteers:                          Jamie Skoumal

Prizes:                                 Maggie VanRooyan & Jenny Wallace

Front Door:                          Michelle Kugler

Media:                                 Melissa Karloff

Raffle:                                 Terry Buckley and Hollie Hanash







Committee Forms

Questions? Contact us!

Millard West Post Prom

5710 S 176th Ave

Omaha, Nebraska 68135

Tel 402-715-6000


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Post Prom 2020 Parent Committee  mwpostprom@gmail.com

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